Rock salt:
Recommended for road deicing. Highly
efficient and cost effective product for
melting snow and ice on roadways, parking
lots, and bridges. Treated with YPS anti-
caking agent.
Bagged Salt
We have fiftypound bags for sale at price of
Hello and welcome to where we have all the salt for
your icy roads.
Due to the shortage of salt most suppliers have recently hiked their prices. At
roadsaltdeicing we have many sources of salt at the lowest prices. Recent
winters have been severe and it has been predicted that more rain, ice &
snow is forthcoming this year & next.  So let us help you stock pile salt  for
your roadways to ensure safe roads in your Cities and States. We also have
smaller portions of salt we can ship to smaller businesses, schools, and
townships. To get a better feel of what you need shipped please email us
detailed descriptions.
Please email us at